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[MBYE 8] Eraina Ferguson on Single Mom Special Needs Parenting, Getting Out Of Your Own Way, and Ending up on a TedX Stage

October 22, 2018


Since giving birth to her special needs daughter 19 years ago, Eraina Ferguson was on a relentless pursuit to live a good life. After obtaining three academic degrees, marrying the man of my dreams, and giving birth to her second child, Eriana is now living the good life with them in Los Angeles, CA. She is also penning a memoir about her experiences.

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  • Eraina shares her mission behind, “My Good Life”. It started as a blog at Yale in her dorm room and eventually turned into a meetup group for parents with children of special needs.
  • At 20 years old, Eraina was a single mother to her daughter of special needs. She talks about her inspiring journey of being not only raising her daughter on her own and finish college at Yale University!
    • “My consciousness is not around the color of my skin, It’s around my ability, the way I treat people, and my relationship to God. I will no be stopped.” - Eraina Ferguson
  • In 2016, Eraina had the opportunity to be a guest on The Real and was a keynote speaker for Tedx! She shares her experience with the two and how she was able to share her inspiring story to the world!
  • Eraina shares her own highs and lows of being a single mother with a child of special needs. She gives her best advice to moms that are on the same journey.
    • “I really want women to know that everything can change and for the better!” - Eraina Ferguson
    • “Keep people around you that are great!” - Eraina Ferguson

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