Mama, Build Your Empire

[MBYE 34]- An Update with Your Host Mia Francis-Poulin

July 25, 2019

It's been awhile since I've shared anything with you in a solo episode! So much is changing with the community, my business, and my family that I felt it was time to let you know what is shifting and what you can look forward to next! 

So, bad news, good news: 

    1.  The Mama Build Your Empire Facebook Group will be closing down. 

  1. The podcast will be taking a brief pause (but only until August 22!), and will resume with 2 episodes (you heard that right!) a week: 

Tuesdays: Mama Build Your Empire Series: Input from Mia on HOW to build your business packed with actionable tips in every episode!

Thursdays: Traditional inspiring interviews with moms of kids with special needs who are also building a business and making it happen! 

So, tune in again on August 22 for some fresh new content! 

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