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[MBYE 33] Dr. April J. Lisbon on Commanding Your Time, Stress Reduction to Prevent Burnout, and Improving Financial Freedom through Mindset

July 4, 2019


Dr. April J. Lisbon is an autism coach strategist and empowerment speaker who helps professional working autism moms go from feeling mentally overwhelmed and financially helpless to teaching them manageable strategies to obtain and sustain financial freedom in order to create a sustainable lifestyle for themselves and their autistic child(ren).  Dr. Lisbon knows this process is hard for many autism moms as they’re juggling so many things at once and time is NOT always on their side. She gets it as this is a battle that she too struggles with regularly. In addition, Dr. Lisbon is an international award winning author and has authored three books, “Stretched Thin: Finding Balance Working and Parenting Children with Special Needs”, “Autism in April: A Mother’s Journey During the Tween Years”, and most recently “Unmasking the Trauma: School Bullying & Children with Special Needs”. She aspires to be an influencer in her community.

April was a school psychologist when her son with autism was born, but he didn’t display any of the traditional hallmarks of autism, so she didn’t entertain the idea of this diagnosis until he was about four years old. As a mom, (not as a professional) she was not ready to face this reality. She struggled with the guilt of having missed opportunities to provide him with more services and support when she told herself “she knew better”. It was only when she chose to accept the fact that she was not going to be able to identify what caused this condition was she able to move forward in fully accepting and supporting her son. 

In this episode, she shares how weary she became of the anxiety that comes with waiting for a call from school about her son’s behavior every day. She knew something had to change and she had to become more available for her son but still bring in income. She decided to utilize her experience being both a mom and a professional to write books on being a mom of a child with autism from a unique perspective. She discusses the loneliness and grief you have to navigate when you are faced with the subtle yet ongoing rejection of a child with autism and their behavior. Dr. April wants you to know it’s ok to be selfish and pursue a serious quality of life and career but also know that you cannot use your child’s diagnosis to shirk back from the opportunities you were meant to seize. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • How April struggled to identify and embrace her son’s autism
  • How April made the shift from a traditional career to finding ways to support other autism moms and monetize her expertise as a mom and a psychologist 
  • How April’s tenacity has allowed her to celebrate some serious “wins” for both her son’s and her own quality of life

“What I realized was that because I was unwilling to embrace it (autism), he was unwilling to embrace it. I did not realize how my influence and my impact caused him to deny who he was as a person. He was hiding his true identity and his super power because of how I thought about it."

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