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[MBYE 23] Nick and Darlene Abrams on Launching a Business While in the PICU, Showing Up, and Leaning Into Gratitude

March 14, 2019

The Abrams are a family of 3:  Nick, Dar, and Owen (who is the main CEO of StomaStoma). Owen was born at 24 weeks and spent 5 months in the NICU before coming home for the first time. He was only home a short 2 weeks before going back to the hospital.


He then spent the next 784 days in the PICU.


He received a gtube and trach to help get him home, and Owen is still gtube fed, and vent and trach dependent. StomaStoma was birthed in his hospital room during that long stay.


Nick, Dar, and the StomaStoma team want to bring awareness and education about trach and gtube life, but in an encouraging and lighthearted way. The shirts that come from StomaStoma are just that, some encouraging and some cheeky, all with the hopes to open conversations to share about this abnormal life we hope can be viewed as normal one day.


In this episode, we cover:

  • How Nick and Dar got the idea for StomaStoma in their son’s hospital room
  • What they did to validate their business idea for such a niche topic
  • How they manage and maintain the business through the tough times that come along with raising a medically fragile child
  • Finding gratitude in the darkest times and choosing to seek grace


When asked for one piece of advice they’d give a special needs moms who are going through a tough medical situation with their children or who are looking to start a business, Dar says:


“Be real with yourself. If you’re having a hard day, let yourself have a hard day. And find your support. When we spent that long stint in the hospital, it was really intense. And there were times when we didn’t know if he’d make it. But one of the biggest things that’s helped us get through has been our community, our support.”

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