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[MBYE 20] Meg Brunson on Finding Your Inner Advocate, Raising Kidpreneurs, and Leaving Facebook to Start Her Own Digital Agency

January 29, 2019


Meg Brunson has been marketing to moms for nearly a decade. After leaving her corporate job at Facebook in 2017 to be a more present mom to her 4 daughters, she founded EIEIO Marketing; a digital marketing agency focused on Facebook Marketing for family-first businesses. Through highly targeted, results-driven, Facebook Ads she's delivered results for her clients that include: doubling their lead volume, generating 62% more sales than the in-house team, attaining a 16x return on ad spend, and reducing the cost per lead by 99%! She also hosts the FamilyPreneur podcast, an interview-style show that explores the “balance” of family & entrepreneurship with a focus on raising kidpreneurs.


In this episode, we cover:

  • Meg’s journey from social work to the Facebook offices
  • Transitioning out of her position in the Ads Department at Facebook into full-time entrepreneurship
  • Starting a platform for her family of FamilyPreneurs (and starting her podcast by the same name)
  • Learning how to become the parent advocate her children need


When asked what’s the one thing she wants special needs moms who are going in business to know, she says: “Know that it’s okay to ask for help. People who are in the position of service coordinator, therapist … they want to help. So take advantage of the resources out there. There’s no shame in asking for help -- and the same goes for business.”

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