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[MBYE 19] Jessica Mandujano on Starting (or Stopping) a Business, Scaling Horizontally, and Telling Your Story

January 14, 2019



Jessica Mandujano is mama to two wonderful kiddos -- one of which has global developmental delays and is non-verbal. Her days are filled with chasing a toddler, driving to developmental Pre-K, therapy sessions, and she also runs her own marketing business. She loves advocating for her son, cheering him on and sharing his story to promote inclusion + kindness for all differently-abled kiddos.


In this episode, we cover:

  • Starting a business while pregnant and going through the process of transitioning it into something different after a rocky delivery and NICU stay
  • Growing horizontally when most business coaches encourage you to grow vertically
  • Providing more services to existing clients and nurturing those relationships to generate more income
  • Work-life harmony vs work-life balance -- what juggling it all really looks like for a special needs mamapreneur


Talking about transitioning her business to a new structure when she became a new mom, Jessica says, “Just because I have these goals for my business and I’m now a special needs mom, doesn’t mean I need to get rid of them completely. I need to change them a little bit, and maybe it’s gonna take me a little longer to get there, but I’m not in the business for the short-term, I’m in it for the long-haul.”

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