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[MBYE 11] Dominique Davis on Creating an Invention, Raising a Medically Fragile Child, and Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

November 12, 2018


Dominique Davis is 26 years old and from New Brunswick New Jersey. She is a single mother to a beautiful 5yr old little girl who has a seizure disorder called doose syndrome. The thing that drove her to come up with this invention is to show my daughter that she can do anything she puts her mind to no matter the obstacles.

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Episode Summary: 

  • Dominique shares her story of being a single mother of a sweet little girl who has a syndrome of doose syndrome. This type of syndrome has caused her daughter to have anywhere up to 300 seizures a day. While taking care of her child, she found it hard to keep a job so, she started her own cleaning business!
  • While Dominique was running her new cleaning business, she came up with the idea of an automatic shower cleaner called, The Shower Bot. It's basically like a Rumba for your shower! This invention has led her to be featured on the show Shark Tank in January 2019!
  • Dominique talks about how she came up with the decision to start her own business. We chat about the need to be there for our special needs children at the drop of a hat and it can sometimes get in the way of a typical job.
  • Dominique shares the story of how the invention of The Shower Bot turned into a reality. After some obstacles, she decided to go forward with getting the patent. She hopes to show her daughter that she can go after anything that she sets her mind to!
    • "Never give up on anything you want!" - Dominique Davis

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