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[MBYE 10] April T. Giauque on Surviving Domestic Violence, Writing Her Truth, and Pinpoints of Light

November 5, 2018


April T Giauque escaped the abyss of abuse through pinpoints of light.  She shares her success story with others to encourage Victims to become Victors, for Advocates to understand their impact, and for supporters to understand their value.

April has experienced being homeless with her 5 children following their escape, yet she earned her Master's degree after escaping from domestic violence.  With her degree, she retired from being a founding parent and board member and became a teacher at Spectrum Academy.

April is re-married to Scott and is the mother of nine children. She helps the battered, beaten, and broken discover their strength to heal so that they become a beacon of light to the world!

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  • April shares her vulnerable story of domestic abuse and raising a child with special needs.


  • Even when April was going such a dark time in her life, she worked so hard to find the light in her life. She shares how we all will go through trials in life and it’s up to us with how we respond to the situation.

    • “We are all born with the light inside of us!” April T. Giauque
    • “When we rise to light, we bounce.” - April T. Giauque
  • April shares a very emotional time when she decided it was time to grab her children and finally leave domestic violence. She talks about the night they ran to a hotel in the middle of the night and met a woman who shed light and love to her and her children. April talks more about the others that have supported her during this dark time!
  • April talks how her children with autism were able to deal with the moving around. She says that her children knew that as long as their mama was in charge, they were safe!
  • With the soon launch of her new book, April shares her inspiration of becoming an author and sharing her story out into the world.
  • To anyone that may be struggling with domestic abuse, April says that you first have to take care of yourself. She says that in her experience, she had to find a way to quite that voice of doubt. She would set small goals for the day and find some kind of positivity in that day.
    • “When I’m talking about taking care of yourself, know that you have positivity  and light within you and you’ve got to straighten it.” April T. Giauque


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